Finnish sauna

The refreshing effect of the sauna can not be questioned: when someone tries out after a long working night or after a tiring week feels like a new person while getting rid of exhaustion.

In the past all around the world – amoung barbaric and civilized nations as well – the various sweat bathes were well-known.

Sauna is a belowed free time activity, it is one of the best ways of relaxation and it has become a necessary way of healthy lifestyle and entertainment.

The freshening effect of the sauna is proven by the high temperature (about 80-90°C) and the low humidity (maximum 10%). Nowadays it is proved by science that spending a long time in the sauna has the same effect as training hard. During the use of sauna the blood vessels are dilating and narrowing, this increases the resistance of the body, helps to detoxificate. In the skandinavian countries it is well-known that it has a beneficial effect on the heart and the circulation, while our skin becomes silky. It also has calming effect on the brain, promotes the deeper and more intensive sleeping.

Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
HVG Kártya
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