Igal thermal bath

The story of the Spa of Igal goes back to the previous century. In 1948, MAORT (The Hungarian-American Oil Company) was drilling for oil at the premises of the present spa. Oil was not found but from a 651 meter depth, a 81 Centigrade water came gushing to the surface. These wells were sealed temporarily. The development of Igal is thank to this exploration and the decision of building a spa.

In 1962 the town’s people dug two pools and opened them for the public in August of the same year. Three years later, they winterized the pools (covered them). In 1967 they built outdoor pools, pools for children and eight years later another outdoor pool was added. Since thousands of people were visiting the spa these additions were necessary.

The spa is owned by the community. In 2001 it was approved as a health-spa.       The institution continued to improve in 2003, during the summer they completed the indoor pools and adjacent satellite sections where all health services became available for the public. Ever since more sophisticated health services became available. Now the spa serves those who seek healing for different ailments as well as those who are visiting for pure enjoyment.

The spa is self-supporting and even without any outside financial help is capable of improving its infrastructure. In 2008 the covered outdoor pools were completed and opened to public. This semi-roof is a rather attractive construction which enables people to use these pools disregard of the weather conditions.

At the beginning of 2010 with a sixty-million HUF investment, a new service building was completed. This building is equipped with dressing rooms, storage rooms and a dining room for service personnel.

Our spa is a family spa since all ages can find enjoyment and recreation during any part of the year. Annually more than 120.000 people visit us both domestically and from foreign countries. Discover Igal for yourself and find what you are looking for.

Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
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