Salt wall

The salt therapy as a healing method was used first in 1960 by using salt from the salt mine of Parajd. They explored that people who worked in the mines lived longer and had better health conditions than others.That’s why salt therapy is used consciously in the form of breathing and bathing therapy.

Nowadays asthma is one of the most common illnesses among children and adults as well. The number of allergic breathing illnesses is also growing.

The quality of the air is significantly influences the way we feel, that’s why there is a tight relationship between the bad lifestyle and the above mentioned informations. The most effective way of healing breathing diseases is the natural dry salt therapy, which micro climate has a positive physiological and healing effect for the human body, especially for the breathing organs.

Our salt wall is made by salt from Parajd which healing effect is confirmed by doctors and has been used for decades.

Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
HVG Kártya
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