Schnapps of Zamárdi

The Zimek Schnapps are produced since December 2005 in Zamárdi.


The enterprise was founded by Roland Zimek, who has done his best from the beginning to produce high quality schnapps.


For saving the quality in long term, they grow their own fruits in 4,5 hectar. They reduced all the chemicals, and they use biologic treatments and collect the harmful insects by hands.


The selection of Zimek schnapps has broaden in the last 7 years and has gained lots of appreciation amoung consumers and professional criticals.


During this period Zimek Schnapps has performed 3 times at domestic and international competitions as Hungary’s best schnapps making yard.


The aim of the Zimek Schnapps to awaken the old hungarian culture and to make high quality schnapps.

Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
HVG Kártya
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