Turkish steam cabin

The secret of the steam cabin is the refreshing of circulation near the body surface. Using regulary steam cabine helps the skin prevent all the pollution in the deeper areas, and helps to loose the unnecessary weight.

Steam bathing for just half an hour is just as effective as running three laps on a 500 m track, as we loose the same amount of water and energy either way. And all this is achieved without putting pressure on the joints or risking your body’s physical harm!

Sweating makes human body not only lighter and slimmer, but it also helps to get rid of excreta. The skin becomes more beautiful and young.

Being rid of the excreta, facing stress in everyday challenges is less harmful, treating or preventing cardiovascular diseases are more successful, and the sense of happiness is undeniable.

The beneficial effects of steam:

  • Clears your face through wide pores. After using steam cabine the face becomes very soft
  • Helps to get rid of toxins
  • Clears throat and nose
  • Calms nerve system
Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
Szép Kártya
HVG Kártya
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