The wellness cottage of Villa Dorottya offers unparalleled opportunities for our guests who want to break away from the everyday rush and recharge their batteries. A Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam cabin, an experience shower and a salt wall ensure idyllic relaxation.

The regenerating effect of our finish sauna is indisputable, it is one of the best ways to relax from fatigue, and it is an essential tool for a healthy lifestyle and relaxation.

steam bath

The secret of the steam bath's health-promoting effect is the stimulation of circulation near the surface of the body. The sweating accompanying a steam bath can therefore not only make the human body lighter and slimmer, but also cleans it, so the skin is also beautified and rejuvenated.

Our tropical experience shower is not only an existing experience, but also has healing effects. By using the shower, we will have an excellent opportunity for a short meditation or relaxation, while you will be surrounded by the sounds and effects of a tropical forest.

salt bar

One of the most effective treatment methods for respiratory diseases is natural dry salt therapy, the microclimate of which has a positive physiological and healing effect on the human body, primarily on the respiratory organs. Our salt bar is made from rock salt from Paraj, the beneficial effect of which is medically supported and has been used for decades.